Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tigers shirt for summer- Project Run and Play

My aim of joining in with the monthly sewalongs for Project Run and Play has not gone too well, so far.  In January I sewed this brilliant (even if I do say so myself!) Olaf costume with January's Bubble Dress sewalong pattern.  It took some thought to make the bubble dress into something for a boy, and looking at the sewalong pics I think Little Cub may have been the only boy in a bubble dress!

In February, the challenge was the Mademoiselle Muscle Tee.  I cut out all the pieces to make a super cool, reversible, Angry Birds Star Wars t-shirt, so Big Cub could choose to wear either the Rebels or the Pork Side (I will never wear the Pork Side, he told me. Never mind.).  Then when I came to sew it up, my machine was broken.  By the time it was back in action again, the sewalong deadline had passed, so that was that.  I sewed up the shirt, though, and it's pretty cool.

I even managed to get him to model the Pork side!

March's challenge was another dress.  I thought, you know what, I had to work super hard to make a dress pattern work for a boy back in January... I'm not doing it again.  Seems I wasn't the only one... 49 people sewed along, and not a single one made something for a boy.  Not one!  Sometimes it's hard sewing for boys when all the world seems to want to make pretty dresses.

In April the challenge was a bag, and I kind of wanted to make it, but I wasn't passionate about it and I was too busy making myself a pair of trousers to wear to work.

May's sewalong challenge is now on.  When I first saw the pattern I was a bit disappointed.  Not with the pattern itself, as it's really cute.  But it's introduced as a 'darling Spring/Summer shirt that will be perfect for girls of all ages'.  So my first thought was "Another girly pattern?  Are you KIDDING me?".  But then I had a look at the pattern and soon saw it could easily become a great boys' shirt too.  Hooray!  So here it is:
No, I'm not a pretty girl (despite what strangers say All The Time)
I need this Olaf hairslide to keep my hair out of my eyes, OK?
I made a few changes to the pattern.  I'm going to bullet point them to keep this short:

  1. I sewed it in a knit rather than a woven.  I still cut the same size (Age 2 for my 2-year-old), as this fabric is not a very stretchy knit.  I used a scrap of woven fabric for the facing used on the split for the buttons.
  2. I raised the back neckline by 1".
  3. I put the buttons on the front rather than the back.
  4. I added sleeves.  I used my trusty Anytime At All Tee pattern by Schwin Designs to make the sleeves and to redraft the armscye. 
  5. I added some topstitching to the yoke  pieces.
Check out that orange topstitching!

I should have added an inch to the body length- this came up pretty short:

What, you can see my underwear?  How embarrassing...
The fabric is a very cheap and nasty knit.  It's 100% cotton (no elastane!) and has not much stretch, as well as very poor stretch recovery.  I didn't want to use it to make something which needed a lot of stretch, so since this pattern is meant for wovens, it seemed like a great choice.  Working with this fabric has really made me appreciate why I spend a lot of money on quality knit fabrics!  The fabric is actually a dress I saw in H&M.   It was £2.99 and it's age 7-8, and I just fell in love with the print.  Aren't these tigers just soooooo adorable?  

I'm way too cool to wear a shirt with adorable tigers on it.

I thought there would be plenty of fabric in it to make something for Little Cub, and I was right.  I only used the skirt, so I still have the complete bodice left, along with a rectangle of the skirt.  I'll probably make the bodice a bit longer, and it will become a vest top for Big Cub.  

I managed to use the hem of the skirt as the hem of my sleeves and body pieces.  Yippee!
What?  These hems are recycled?  How could you do this to me?
I used cord elastic for button loops (what a nightmare to sew!  Never again) and it does look very sweet.  The buttons were from the button stash I inherited from my Grandma, and I love the fact that they're big, bold and different (but still matching!) colours.  

I enjoyed sewing up this pattern and playing around with it.  It makes a very cute boys' shirt.  I've already cut out the pieces for a top for Big Cub using this pattern, so watch this space!

Ready for a coffee break.  Being a model sure is hard work!